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Ozone Imager – Stereo Width Spatial Download 2022 Latest Version

Ozone Imager Free Download

Ozone Imager Free Download lets you adjust the stereo size of your mix through a multiband stereo module. The Imager can also be used as a component plugin in Ozone 8 Advanced. Positive values increase your band’s output, whereas negative values will reduce its output of it (a value of 100 effectively creates mono).

Rays in these safe 45-degree lines are in-phase sound while anything that is beyond these lines is audio that is not in phase. The History display is a representation of the Polar Level Vectorscope with the shrinking of the plotted rays in time. The rays decrease toward the center of the screen, leaving the outside of the display open for real-time analysis.

Controls of Ozone Imager Free Download

    Determines the amount of stereo-widening applied to each band. there’s one setting for all four bands.
  • Enable to STEREO
    Turn this feature on for stereo synthesis. This will increase the stereo’s natural-sounding width recordings in mono or with narrow sounding.
    By altering the amount control using the sliders for the width you can modify the tone and the sound of the stereo. It is a Stereoize effect that is fully mono-compatible, so even when you add more width to the audio, it will be played in mono, without causing undesirable artifacts.
    When this option is enabled when enabled, all Width sliders are linked and, when moved, change about each other.
  • Vectorscope
    The Vectorscope offers a visual representation of the stereo picture of the signal. Be aware that it is monitoring the Ozone Imager Free final output regardless of the position of the Imager within the chain of the signal. It is possible to check the mix to determine stereo separation, and then use the control of the module to give greater or lesser separation.
    It is a Polar Sample Vectorscope that plots dots per sample but employs the polar coordinate display, which can be more effective in showing an image in stereo of the coming signal. The patterns that appear in the safe 45-degree lines are in-phase signals, while patterns that are not visible on the lines are out-of-phase.
  • The background of the Polar Sample Vectorscope also fades slowly. The final few seconds are shown as slowly disappearing data points. You can change the display by pressing the indicator. The vectorscope offers three distinct perspectives, you can choose to use the label for display types beneath the scope.

New Enhancements

The stereo image of a sound recording is easily represented by The Polar Level Vectorscope, which shows rays on a polar coordinate display too are representative of the averages of the sample. A ray’s length is the amplitude, while the angles of the rays indicate their location in an image stereo.

Similar to the Polar Sample vectorscope, the Lissajous Vectorscope plots per-sample dots on an oscilloscope’s traditional display. Stereo recordings typically produce random patterns on the Lissajous Vectorscope that is taller than wide. Vertical patterns indicate that both channels appear alike (approaching mono which is a horizontal line). Horizontal patterns suggest that the two channels are divergent, which can cause mono compatibility issues.

The correlation meter shows the level of similarity (or the degree of correlation) between the right and left channels. It is displayed with a +1/0/-1 vertical scale. The most extreme scenario in Ozone Imager Download is when the right and left channels are identical and in that case, the correlation would be +1 and the meter will be placed at the top. If the right and left channels differ the meter will draw toward the bottom.

The most extreme scenario is for the left and right channels to be in the exact phase and in that case, the correlation would be -1 and the meter will be placed completely at the lowest point. If the audio of the right and left channels are identical to each other, the meter moves toward the highest point. 


  • Vectorscope will draw a sample clip in red.
  • Double-click on the Vectorscope to erase the meter’s display.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7,8,9,10, and 11
  • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), and later versions.
  • Hardware supported: Intel or PowerPC Mac.

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