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KeroVee Pitch Correction VST Plugin Download Latest 2022

KeroVee Pitch Correction VST Plugin Free Download

KeroVee Free Download is an unpaid pitch correction software that acts as a VST effect. It is necessary to copy KeroVee.dll into the VST plugin folder in you to use it with your VST hosting application that is compatible with VST.

The output of their two lines is multiplied by the output of pitch correction which allows you to mix both of them and an uninvolved sound. In KeroVee Download The chorus (known as Chorus piled chorus, for example, non-stop recording which differs from the effects) effect is amplified.

KeroVee’s focus is on the “Autotune effect” or “T.Pain effect’. It is robotic, but distinct in comparison to the vocoder. KeroVee Free can mix two independent outputs, transposed by a pitch-corrector, as well as bypassed input.

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Free Kerovee Pitch Corrector Controle and Features

  • Scale Buttons C to ‘B’ “Allowed” note.
  • TuneSpeed The Tuning Speed. Could be automated when set to maximum.
  • Nuance: Do not ignore or keep the subtle changes in pitch like vibrato.
  • Amount: The amount of pitch correction.
  • Calib: Master tuning.
  • TuneTo: Scale/MIDI/MIDIChord
  • If both options are enabled, the MIDI note is preceding however, scale tuning becomes applicable after notes have been “offed”.
  • If both are not enabled at the same time, the output pitch will identical to the input pitch however it can be adjusted through the transpose and formant parameters.
  • Bypass Pan/Level: Bypassed the output of the source sound.
  • Tone1/Tone2 Presv/Shift/Fine/Transpose/Pan/Level
  • Two independent pitch-correctors output.
  • Level: output level.
  • Pan Output pan (Note it is important to note that audio tracks have to have stereo).
  • Transpose pitch of output: transpose.
  • Fine: fine-tuning of output pitch.
  • Shift: formant shift.
  • Presv: formant shift mode.
  • On: the formant remains. Independent of the pitch correction. Formant shift still works in this manner.
  • Off: the formant is altered according to the output pitch.

System Requirements


  • Korg Legacy: MS-20, M1, Wavestation, ARP Odyssey, Polysix, MonoPoly, MDE-X,  LegacyCell
  • Korg
  • 32-bit and 64-bit (VST / VST3)
  • Windows 7,8 and 10


  • Korg Legacy: MS-20, M1, Wavestation, ARP Odyssey, Polysix, MonoPoly, MDE-X,  LegacyCell
  • Korg
  • 32-bit and 64-bit (VST / AU)
  • Mac OSx , 10.11,12,13.

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